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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm
Thursday: 5pm – 9pm
Friday: 12 noon – 9pm
Saturday: 12 noon – 9pm
Sunday: 12 noon – 6.30pm

Pub Food Service Times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Thursday: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Friday: 12.30pm – 2.30pm
and 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Saturday: 12.30pm – 2.30pm
and 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Sunday: 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Pizzeria Opening Times

Friday: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Saturday: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Sunday: 3pm – 6pm

The Outside Bar Opening Times

Friday: 5pm – 9pm
Saturday: 5pm – 9pm
Sunday: 2pm – 6.30pm

Contact us

The Grapes Inn, Railway Street, Slingsby, York, North Yorkshire YO62 4AL

Dogs are welcome. Wifi available.

Tel: 01653 628076

buy stromectol uk